A lightweight WYSIWYG editor

Light, translatable and customisable jQuery plugin
Beautiful design, generates semantic code, comes with a powerful API

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HTML5 & semantic

Editor and generated code are optimized for HTML5 support. Compatible with all recents browsers like IE9+, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Fast & lightweight

All existing WYSIWYG editors are larger than 45kB. Trumbowyg is only 20kB which means faster page loading. No useless features, just the necessary ones to generate clean, semantic code.


Options and design are entirely configurable to suit your needs. However, the default design is compatible with Retina display and optimized for a great and simple user experience.


Ready for use Web frameworks and CMS packages

You can create your own package for Trumbowyg or use a ready for use. This is the full list of known packages for Trumbowyg.

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